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Fake Smile

hadoii !
Wednesday, September 14, 2011 | 2:54 AM | 0 comments

okay im tired ! ergh ! seriously i guess i better give up , i think i do not comply with you :( , many time do you hurt me , then you're sorry ,then do it again , im tired ! not worth it you're sorry , i still remember the first word you give me "syg awk selalu" but whre it is ? you trick is , you lie !
okay if you dont like me , dont give me a hope ! you make me down dude ! all of because of YOU !
i tell my friend tht i dont like you anymore ! but i cant lie my feeling , i cnt lie myself ! i want to forget about you , but i cant ! why ? did you put a spell on me ? shit man . when the time's come, i will tell you how i much i love you ! you're my heart , but its no longer , now you're in my mind ! for what i talk about you ? it just not worth ! am i blind for falling in love with you ? you just break my heart ! i know tht you've found a long hair girl :(seriously im getting tired , just now i saw you infront of the school , you look preety happy ! mybe you've got her number ;(
okay calm down puteri , let him be ! your friend told me tht you're sorry , but for what ? do you realize tht you hurt me ? ohh good then :) im sorry if i ever hurt you ! i loveyou :)


p/s: dont mind if you hate me :)

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